Miracoli is the oldest silver shop in Milan.  Its ‘number 6’ stamp dates the tradition to 1912, which is why Argenteria Miracoli bears the title, Historical Laboratory and Shop of the City and Province of Milan, officially recognized by the Milan city and regional administrations.  Interest in Miracoli production has always been exceptional due to its excellent quality, an excellence borne out by its participation in the prestigious School of Fine Arts Applied to Industry.

Thus, the story began a century ago, rooted in Italian goldsmith and silversmith craftsmanship, a tradition whose splendours are known throughout the world.

The tradition of Argenteria Miracoli has always been passed down from generation to generation from the original founder, Romeo, until today, along a line of succession that has kept the original methods and procedures unaltered from the beginning to guarantee a cultural and quality continuity that has made Argenteria Miracoli famous all over the world.

Miracoli products have always been famous and sought after worldwide, and they have enjoyed the patronage of the most exclusive clientele, from the English Royal Family to the most famous names in the world of Italian, French, Russian and Chinese show business and Italian sport.

Today, the tradition of Miracoli silversmithing is pursued in the original shop and laboratory in the heart of Milan, where Roberto and Renato Miracoli still welcome their exclusive clientele in an atmosphere of refinement, reserve, and cordiality.