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Silver Butter tray with woodcock

A unique silver butter tray with a hand painted enamel woodcock figurine on top. The butter is held in a crystal dish. Handmade in Italy.

Silverplated Glacette

Classic Silverplated Glacette. Dimensions: Height cm 25 x External Diameter cm 13 x Internal Bottle Diameter cm 9

Bowl with Animal

Round bowl with hand-painted animal figures in the center

Vodka glass

A perfectly proportioned Vodka glass in Sterling Silver, gold plated inside and beautifully decorated with animal motives on the outiside. A rare...

Luxury Scented Candle

"Miracoli Arome Candles" with lid and figurine silverplated - Some are hand-painted. Silverplated figurines: Wildboar, Elephant and Troute....

Silver Caviar Dish

Caviar Dish with wild boar figurine on the lid. It comes with a spoon shaped like a shotgun. Silverplated. 

Silver Note box

Classic Note Box silverplated Dimensions: cm 11 x 8 x 2