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Spinner Glass

From €195.00
Tumbler glass with spinning effect and matching coaster to keep the glass firm. The price is for 1 item 

Silver glass

Silverplated glass "Miracoli mini Drakul" Model - Silver inside

Champagne Bucket

From €3,860.00
Silverplated or 925 Silver Champagne Bucket

The Partridge Cruet Set

The Partridge cruet set in Silverplate A table essential with a charming detail of a small partridge figurine that sits atop oa classic english...

Silver Jam pot set

Jam pot set with two hand painted mallard figurines made with the ancient old technique of lost wax-casting, set on silver plated lids and crystal...

Bottle coaster with Partrigdes

Silver bottle coaster with four pairs of flying partridges created with the ancient technique of lost wax fusion

Pretzels holder

Pretzels holder with an elegant detail of a enameled mallard figurine. Material: Silverplate 

Wine Pourer

Vine Pourer in Sterling Silver with cork

Champagne Bucket

From €3,600.00
This Champagne bucket shines in silver with a modern design as it brings timeless elegance to the table.